Strategic Spotlight: Franchising into the Future
Nearly half of the retail economy of the United States is generated by franchises, a
trend which is being replicated in markets worldwide. Why is franchising such a
successful business model? In basic terms, it combines proven business models and
economies of scale, (typical of large enterprises), along with entrepreneurial drive and
local business knowledge of small enterprises.

We are true believers in franchising. Envoy Investments leverages the power of this
proven business model to help our clients and investors capture market share. We
have negotiated, launched and supported franchise projects worldwide with many
leading franchise organizations.

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Sustainable Growth for Franchisors
Why we are different...
We are affordable part-time executive talent. The right executive talent will improve efficiency
and valuation of your company. Yet most franchisors are limited on the executive talent that they
can hire. We offer franchise executive expertise without the executive package. We provide
affordable options to our services, where we share the risk.

We are not consultants but contracted managers. The key difference is that unlike
management consultants, who advise you on what to do, Envoy actually rolls up our sleeves to
get the work done.

We are not venture capitalists or investment brokers. When transactions require an
investment banker, we are able to leverage our partnerships to bring in reputable and licensed
investment professionals. We believe in "sweat equity", where we share in the value that we build
for our clients. If we cannot demonstrate a clear return-on-investment, we will not take the project.
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Franchising Services
Envoy Investments LLC's Franchise Services Division is a franchisor management and
holding company that specializes in three areas:

International expansion of successful high-growth franchisors
Contracted Management and Board Membership for early-stage franchisors
Franchising project management, manuals development and global operations

Envoy shares the cumulative knowledge of international executives, who have a wealth of experience with leading companies, such as Marriott, AlphaGraphics, Gannett, Choice
Hotels, IBM and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.